Monday, 7 February 2011

"Is He strong?"...Listen bud...

Pretty pleased with this Spider-man picture I must've done whilst at work...I think it was just a "I'm gonna pick up this pen and put the pointy end on the paper and see what comes out after an hour or so" type of job...I THINK it was that kind of job since Spidey's calf, shin and foot is pretty badly out of proportion...ah well, the rest is quite nicely done anatomy I guess:

...oh by the way, the colouring was just highlighters I found on someone's desk at work. I kind of like the effect that the red highlighter gives because it was almost dried up when I found it...up, up and away, web!

Spider-man is (c) of MARVEL and all it's subsidiaries...or something...I dunno, I didn't create the character Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack "King of Comics" Kirby did I think...

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  1. Nice start mate, keep on drawing!
    I read the walking dead, it's great