Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Something I forgot...

When mentioning the Kakapos earlier I forgot to show you something I'm quite proud of...The Characters Model Sheets! *gasp* wow, incroyable! C'est vrai!

The idea was to tell the story of how Kakapos became extinct and these were the three main characters named after present day Kakapos. The end story turned into something completely different, but that's for another time. Honestly, look up Kakapos, look at how cool they are, learn how they're the world's only flightless parrot and how there's so few of them left that they all have names. It's crazy and these birds need all the help they can get, even though there's a really strong effort in New Zealand at the moment.

And so it goes...

I'm always applying for jobs that require me to use Flash, because it's a nice package and the only one available to me to animate in. But, that aside, these jobs I apply for...I hear nothing back. But when I do it's usually to demonstrate how I use Flash; recently I was asked to basically copy someone else's designs for a game, which I thought was a pretty poor way of conducting yourself if you're in a game making business...why would you copy something that's already out there to try and compete with it? What? A lot of people do this? Oh, I guess that's how the business works then...I'll just keep trying and applying.

Looking back at them I could've probably done better...but then I only did these in an hour or something...

Monday, 6 June 2011

eh, why not?

here's my showreel, not updated with awesome animations I am doing at the moment...they will be put in soon though.

wow, mate...

This one's kept me busy for aaaages...but animation is a slow process.

I've also been working on something else which will make an appearance once it's polished and done...you'll see...you'll all see!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

And this is supposed to make me feel better?

I recently went to Glasgow. When I was there I picked up some awesome pens. Then, to try the pens out, I drew this.

Yep, it's a sad cat who's had his nuggs removed and his/her owners have given him/her a ball of wool as compensation...the cat is not impressed at losing two balls and gaining one...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I am riding on a bus!

So yeah. Somedays, when I'm coming home from one of my jobs I sometimes have to get the bus...it's okay, no big deal, since my phone can go on the internet. Sometimes, when I'm on the internet, I like to see what's going on in people's lives on facebook and twitter. But sometimes, when I do this other people want to know what I'm looking at. You can't be nosey in peace anymore...what a world...

So this would be a pencil, pen, then photoshop job. After realising I am a complete moron, this didn't take anywhere near as long as the previous attempts at photoshop I have put on this blog (see free running...down there somewhere...) and a quick tutorial has halved my time on this colouring malarkey.

Here's the pencil then pen version of the pic...I like to think it goes something like this:

thought bubbles and that

ME (bottom right): damn...can't a guy be nosey in peace anymore? What a world...

Old Lady: oooooooo, so that's what [name deleted]'s been up to, why won't they accept my friend request?

Old Man: that there's witchcraft I tell ye!

Chav Lass: That [expletive deleted] phone's well [expletive deleted] and that [expletive deleted] [name deleted]'s a [expletive deleted] bitch...wonder where she got that [expletive deleted] top from?

Fat Guy: has he got a sausage roll from Gregg's?

and then this happened to the old man:


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ok, so...

...yeah, I just joined Vimeo and decided to show the video I'm proudest of on my blog...and the video advertises the blog...what a strange thing to do...

My Blog from Martin Hopwood on Vimeo.

so yeah, check out that sweet animation while I make some more... byeee