Friday, 26 November 2010

RPG Character

I recently applied for a job as a flash game designer. Didn't get it and haven't heard from the people since. However, they asked me for "a cute character, holding a sword and a shield." here's what I did:

I didn't get the job, the last I heard from them they asked if I had actually made these pictures and if I'd meant to make them with such little detail.

Design rule #1: always get absolute specifics from clients.

Sordid Alternatives

When doing the Sordid Squirrel designs I had some different versions, I'll show you some cos it's not a violation of the contract...cos there wasn't one :)

I'm pretty proud of how these turned out

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Back In The Day...

...I wanted to do a sort of steampunk comic, I'd come up with a whole concept of a scotland yard policeman in victorian London, who was, for all intents and purposes, an action hero. This policeman would take on robots and villains and investigate intrigue and everything...I never finished it...I never really started it to be honest. But, I found some old sketches of steampunk robots and the boss of the policeman. Check these out:

I'm fairly fond of these drawings as they capture some of the tone I wanted to convey in the comic...maybe one day the idea will be realised. In the mean time, I'm pretty happy with them the way they are.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

oh, by the way...

If you're looking at this and see anything you'd like personalized or maybe you want something original done please feel free to contact me.

my contact info is just to the right, you've gone too far! Yeah, right there in the "Contact" box.


I'm not just all scary stuff and the line tool in Flash. No, that's right I've used the brush tool as well. Do you remember a while ago a rare parrot was filmed humping Mark Carwardine's head? That parrot was called a Kakapo, found in New Zealand, pretty damn rare at just under 200 left and I wanted to animate something about them for my final year project at Teesside University. Here's a little look at something I whipped up to set the mood:

Logo Design

So I tried to think of a logo for the Blog that captured what I'm about: characters, backgrounds, environments, detail and, most importantly, being a massive geek. I tried to think of the coolest thing I could draw and came up with this:

 A cowboy riding a dinosaur!? Hell yes, this is so cool, if I was 5 and this drawing was a toy, I'd be begging my parents to buy me this.

...but maybe it doesn't show my ability at classical anatomy since the knee and neck of the cowboy are a bit wrong. So, I thought again and this came out of my head:

A gorilla leaping into battle with two zombies? "Mum, Dad, I want THAT one now!"

So, I stepped into Flash and ArtText, made a few changes and additions and the cowboy became a cyborg and the dinosaur is still a dinosaur. I'm thinking saturday morning cartoon now?

And then came this, the saturday morning cartoon show that every kid in the 6 - 12 demographic is asking for and maybe some adults who remember the original version of "Gor against The Undead":

So, yeah, this is me...

Friday, 19 November 2010

Sordid Squirrel

Sunderland's only open mic comedy club asked me for some deisgns so why not check out their site?