Friday, 26 November 2010

RPG Character

I recently applied for a job as a flash game designer. Didn't get it and haven't heard from the people since. However, they asked me for "a cute character, holding a sword and a shield." here's what I did:

I didn't get the job, the last I heard from them they asked if I had actually made these pictures and if I'd meant to make them with such little detail.

Design rule #1: always get absolute specifics from clients.


  1. That character at the top is really cool, so are the ones at the bottom. Middle ones I don't like so much. Sounds like the people you were applying to work with are a bunch of idiots, you're better off without them

  2. Cheers Gareth, I know the middle ones are a bit crap but when they said "cute character" I just went with simple and cute. Sort of like a cross between lego and playmobil, you know what I mean? I know they're idiots mate I mean come on...I'm pretty good and modest as well ;)

  3. I loved these. I agree with Gareth.. idiots.

  4. hey boy,,, loved the cute characters,,, you´ll get the next job probs...