Sunday, 21 November 2010

Logo Design

So I tried to think of a logo for the Blog that captured what I'm about: characters, backgrounds, environments, detail and, most importantly, being a massive geek. I tried to think of the coolest thing I could draw and came up with this:

 A cowboy riding a dinosaur!? Hell yes, this is so cool, if I was 5 and this drawing was a toy, I'd be begging my parents to buy me this.

...but maybe it doesn't show my ability at classical anatomy since the knee and neck of the cowboy are a bit wrong. So, I thought again and this came out of my head:

A gorilla leaping into battle with two zombies? "Mum, Dad, I want THAT one now!"

So, I stepped into Flash and ArtText, made a few changes and additions and the cowboy became a cyborg and the dinosaur is still a dinosaur. I'm thinking saturday morning cartoon now?

And then came this, the saturday morning cartoon show that every kid in the 6 - 12 demographic is asking for and maybe some adults who remember the original version of "Gor against The Undead":

So, yeah, this is me...

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